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! (new pics)

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  1. 3:40 OK, I really want the rest of the story. Under what circumstances exactly do you go to church and randomly win a real sword in this day and age? 😮

    1. That’s an easy one. At church fetes, and various festivals, they sell raffle tickets for a $/£/€ and raffle off whatever people donate. Generally items that are a bit too expensive for the White Elephant sale. The guy bought the winning ticket for the sword. I won a really nice 1920/30s tea service for one of my $1 tickets. That was cool. I’m glad I didn’t win a sword, my husband makes them for a living so we’ve got enough weaponry to win thru a zombie apocalypse 😂

  2. The 80s camcorder is interesting. I have an 80s ghetto blaster that works great that I still listen to now 24 hours a day

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