Mildly Interesting: Things You Never Knew Your Eyes Needed

: Things You Never Ever Knew Your Eyes Needed

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: Things You Never Knew Your Eyes Needed

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  1. 0:36 – Those extended part was to make it easier to hold in the place, or to pick up by finger. You should know how hard those are if they’re just as large as the real body.

  2. 1:32 this person is misusing his pliers and he probably should be using a different tool for his purposes. Otherwise he’d not break them all the same.

    4:09 full tangs are heavy and generally are beefier than what most people want or need. So if they want a full tang look sometimes they hollow out the tang so it appears like a full tang when it’s not. The weight will give it away.

  3. Dark Vador is the french name for Darth Vader : this box was made to be sell in french-speaking countries.

  4. Reynards syndrome is no joke. It’s painful and for me it’s getting worse. I now live in a warmer climate but when I have lunch in my car it starts. And it can take an hour to get back to normal. Lucky you if you don’t have it.

  5. 1:26 Made me laugh… ya know if he turned them around it possibly broke on the otherside…….. 🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪

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