Mystery Objects Demystified Thanks To The Internet

Mystery Thanks To The

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Mystery Thanks To The

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  1. The hole in the hollow ring allows hot air to escape while it is being soldered, (when being sized) otherwise it will explode.

  2. This one made me laugh that someone didn’t know the hose clips and then made me feel really old when they didn’t know paperweight and then like a dinosaur when they didn’t know a clip on earring. I think I’ve been alive too blame long.

    1. Me too! I’m 75 now but I got married at 19 and received that meat cutting board that holds the meat in place with the hollowed out part to catch the juices. NOT FOR HANDICAPPED PEOPLE😄

  3. 4;48 They look like the clips from straps to keep bed sheets on the mattress. The elastic strap is missing.

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