“No Hour Work Week”: Anti-Work Memes And Here Are The Best Ones || Funny Daily

"No Hour Work Week": And Here Are The Best Ones|| Funny Daily
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“No Hour Work Week”: Memes And Here Are The Best Ones || Funny Daily

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  1. The last job I was in, people there would say:” it feels like we are a “family ” here”. I hated that. We don’t always get on with our real family, let alone people you don’t know saying we are like family. When I was sacked, I didn’t feel like family, more enemy. We work with self- entitled people who act above themselves.

  2. People should be allowed to retire with full benefits at age 62. NOT 67. Unless they choose to keep working, those people who have worked over half their life, should be allowed to rest and enjoy the last fleeting days of their senior years. It’s cruel to make the cost of living so high that seniors can’t even retire when they’re old and weak. Unethical

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