Oh Lord, He Comin’ ‘Absolute Units’ That Shook The Net (Best Of All Time) || Funny Daily

Oh Lord, He Comin' 'Absolute Units' That Shook The Internet (Most Importantly Time)|| Amusing Daily
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Oh Lord, He Comin’ ‘Absolute Units’ That Shook The Net (Best Of All Time) ||

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  1. Bald eagles, even the females, are by no means the largest sea eagles. The European white-tailed eagle is significantly bigger, but the biggest of the lot is Steller’s sea eagle of the far East.

  2. Fascinating! One can see why oxen & Percheron-style draft horses were so vital in pre-industrial days; imagine that hauling capacity! The eagles surprised me the most, though; so often one sees footage of them in the air or nesting without any real scale comparators, didn’t realise they could grow to outmass a timber wolf?? 😮

    1. Those were coyotes pictured. Wolves are much bigger. See the mix the middle and the winter coat one at the end. We kept a mix and he was the sweetest and smartest boy.

  3. Sister of that< picture. Wow! What got me were those big hunky men😉 as I said, I am the sister of that picture!❤

  4. 2:08 And that isn’t even the biggest moose i have seen. I helped relocate one that had antlers measuring 76 inches wide.

  5. My neighbor has grown a 46 pound zucchini and a 1098 pound pumpkin. I have grown a 56 pound cabbage and a 5 pound carrot. The veggies grow enormous here in Alaska.

  6. 5:40 That is Hulk, a 187 pound pitbull he is the world’s best babysitter for his 8 pound baby human.

  7. 8:10 Those pumpkins are being transported to the Alaska State Fairgrounds in September of 2019. The 3 largest were all over 980 pounds with the largest being 1093 pounds to win the pump,in competition that year.

  8. How come that the word ‘unit’ doesn’t fit for me if it’s used for living beings? 🤔

  9. 4:43 The huge freisian is called Knickers. That picture is from 2018 when he was 7 years old, which is also why he was so big. Cattle are normally slaughtered way younger

  10. That turtle coming out of hibernation…. Are we sure about that? He looked like he was supporting Terry Pratchett’s Disc World on his back, minus the elephants and Ank-M’Pork

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