People Are Sharing Examples Of Where Frugality Was Taken Too Far (Part 2) || Funny Daily

Individuals Are Sharing Examples Of Where Thriftiness Was Taken Too Far (Part 2)|| Amusing Daily
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  1. Gotta agree with Grandma on the kitten; it’d be good to know if the cat’s owner had plans to spay her kitten & I hope she’s an indoor kitten. No animals should be let to roam anywhere. I’ve rescued for decades & kept all of them. Even now we use an excellent low cost spay/neuter. I found strays with ears with the tip off, a tattoo in the ear. Once the kitten gets CHIPPED she’ll be alot safer. Bravo Grandma, you did the right thing & I hope she realizes that soon. ✌️🐾💙

  2. The grammar on the one about getting the kitten neutered cheap was so bad it took me a few goes to unravel it.
    Please learn the correct way to use ‘to lend’ and ‘to borrow’, people !

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