People Are Sharing Their Most Amusing Airport Security Tales || Funny Daily

Individuals Are Sharing Their Most Entertaining Security Tales|| Daily
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People Are Sharing Their Most Amusing Airport Security Tales || Funny Daily

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  1. A priest friend of mine was given a canary in a cage as a gift. TSA demanded he remove the bird from the cage so they could x-ray the cage!! He spent 10 min trying to explain the bird will likely escape iana his panick. Finally got them to x-ray cage with bird in it. What did they think that cage was hiding?! Our family of4 were leaving Grand Bahamas. We decided to each grab a bag and go into different lines to speed things up. Our 16 yo son had the bag with the spectacular spiced rum we had to put into a 2 L soda bottle since it only had a cork top. TSA passed it to him said, Drink it. Delighted, he started chugging it down! From two rows down I scream stop drinking that! TSA told me, I just wanted to see if he would drink it. Another from Caribbean, I carefully rapped 12 sea biscuits (fat sea dollars) in , like, a roll of TP each. She started unrolling them. Ended up watching her almost buried in toilet paper as she assured me she would roll them all back up!!!

  2. My friend was going through airport security and the agent saw the image of her Hitachi wand on the x-ray. He was unsure and called his supervisor over to look at it. He then told her he would have to open her bag. He pulled out the wand and held it up with a puzzled expression. She stared him right in the eyes with the most supercilious look she could manage. Supervisor started guffawing. Other passengers started tittering. Dime finally dropped. Agent blushed, put the wand back in the bag, and mumbled that she was cleared to go.

    She told that story every chance she got.

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