People Couldn’t Believe Their Luck In Thrift Stores, Flea Markets And Garage Sales – Part 2

Individuals Could Not Think Their Luck In Thrift , Flea Markets And Sales – Part 2

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Couldn’t Their Luck In Thrift , Flea Markets And Sales – Part 2

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    1. @Jessica LeBlanc I just finished looking at it and came here to see if anyone else had commented. It really is a lovely holder.

  1. That last chair isn’t anything NEAR as tacky as the WET-LOOK, NEON yellow-green loveseat and chair I once saw at a Goodwill. My god, I could see the glow from across the store and had to go see what was causing it! I hadn’t seen “wet-look” material for YEARS, and the glow off that neon yellow-green, you practically needed sunglasses! Better (or worse!) yet, they were “SOLD”. I like wacky furniture, but these were truly beyond the pale!

  2. #84 my inner Indiana Jones. 😂😂😂 Sending support, love, and kindness from Lexington, Michigan, USA

  3. Hate to tell the “Bear Orgy” mug person but Taylor &Ng isn’t exactly “vintage”.
    The company is less than 50 years old, and they sell that same mug brand new for $10.75..

  4. I have that little mermaid video, can’t sell it with the tower looking like a 🥒 who the world would want that disgusting thing

  5. I have the brass fly ashtray and a turtle. the brass,Hindu looking thing is a incense holder I think.Strawberry “bookholder” is for napkins.
    Some great stuff and some other stuff

  6. There is another channel called A&E….. that’s how people end up in time if you can not resist a bargain…..

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