People Couldn’t Believe Their Luck While Dumpster Diving

People Could Not Believe Their While Dumpster

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People Couldn’t Believe Their While Dumpster

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    1. Behind a lot of big box stores, and fast food places. You just have to know the days trash is picked up. As for the kittens? That’s pretty bad.

    2. But the rats are cute, yes? Im suprised there is rats with the amount of kittens the bastards throw away, hope they rot in hell
      I gotta go im getting angrier

  1. If you end up not needing all the fruits and veggies a homeless shelter or soup kitchen would be really grateful. Imagine all the banana bread.

  2. I cannot believe the waste of all that food when so many could use it, and as for throwing those innocent lil kitties in the dumpsters that is disgusting, those types of people i really hate, they obviously have no conscience, and if they had any scruples they should get the momma done to save more lil creatures being treated like that.
    You guys all did pretty great, its amazing what people throw out, I think our local supermarket bins are behind locked gates, and if i tried to get in the place Id break my neck, and if i did make it to the bins they would have to call the fire brigade to get me out as id fall in, and im small 😛

  3. Instead of tossing this stuff they could have sold it on Craigslist, I mean wtf is wrong with these people?

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