People Had Heartwarming Wildlife Encounters (NEW) || Funny Daily

Individuals Had Heartfelt Wildlife Encounters (NEW)|| Daily
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People Had Encounters (NEW) || Funny Daily

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  1. 1:01 – i don’t know what it is about baby skunks, but they are so CUTE!
    3:43 – Awwwww! (melts)
    4:32 – What kind of bird is that?
    5:53 – Word gets around.
    6:18 – OMG! 😀

  2. Found a mess in my garage one morning as I left for work. Straightened it up & left. My husband came out a bit later & found the same mess. It turned out to be a young possum who’d found his way in & made himself at home. He “played possum” & we put him in a box & moved it to the side of the house. He stayed about an hour & then left we thought. Saw him again for a few more days & then he disappeared one day. He was very sweet but we have 2 big dogs & didn’t need a possum too.

  3. 😊❤All of these pics truly heartwarming.My favorite:the veteran and the squirrel…Wish them both happy life and peaceful nights.Aas the daughter of a WW2 enlisted volunteer(“London Belgians”,G.I.G.19yrs old,lost sleep for the rest of his life)I hope this confident tiny squirrel be a healing to you,sir…Loves from Brussels.❣️👵🐈‍⬛.

  4. The picture with the peregrine falcon is precisely the view from my window! Except for the peregrine falcon. (About three blocks to the right there is a green area the size of Central Park with a cape and high long forested cliff. Falcon are frequent in the area–but on the cliff, not the skyscraper.

  5. I live in the middle of Amsterdam and the only wild thing I see is a fly….JEALOUS !!!!!

  6. Awesome gathering of pics , some I’ve seen but they were woven in so nicely…. i love this video so much ❤❤❤❤❤

  7. People often think they are encountering wild animals “in our territories” when, in fact, we are constantly taking more and more of “their” territories. Good luck to them as the wild spaces disappear at an alarming rate.

    1. A lot of places are too dull for young people but very popular with animals. Look at the Great Plains between the few cities. Not many well paid jobs, no nightlife except bars, few stores, few doctors, you can farm or hunt but that’s about it, people leaving or slowly getting old and dying off…. There’s your ready made, ghost town, animal haven of the future. 🙂 Like during the pandemic. 🙂 Something for the governors of those states to look forward to, oh boy! I guess that isn’t widely publicized where you live.

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