People Had Heartwarming Wildlife Encounters (New Pics) || Funny Daily

People Had Wildlife Encounters (New Pics)|| Funny Daily
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People Had Wildlife Encounters (New Pics) || Funny Daily

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    1. @@tonkatrucker Thank you for admitting you cannot tell if a video has been faked. Little miss “tonkatrucker”.

    2. I can definitely see why you’re questioning the white deer being fake. It looks like a plastic deer, probably is plastic.
      As for the bear, when you look at its feet there appears to be a reflection, which may indicate it is real. Unfortunately, these days it’s very difficult to tell what’s real and what isn’t.

  1. Those baby seals have me worried for the wildlife there!! All of these were new and nice pictures!

  2. There is a hummingbird at my house that hovers and politely taps on the window if the feeder is out 😂 (by whatever room I am in, not next to the feeder)

    1. I had quite a colony at my Cape Breton home after 13 years of feeding them. After a while I could recognise some of them, especially Scruffy, who always late and dishevelled, and would tap on my window to be sure I knew he was there. I usually had a hummingbird helping me hang out the washing, hopping along the washing line as I went. There were always hummers dancing around me while I was tending my large garden, and they loved the Scarlet Runner Bean flowers as much as I enjoyed the beans. They fight like demons.They are gorgeous tiny miracles, the only birds who can fly 800 miles across the Gulf of Mexico to their winter home. I love them.

    2. That sounds heavenly! I live in the U.K. so only saw one once, in Cuba, and it was magical. I couldn’t work out what it was at first, it reminded me of Tinkerbell.

    3. @@zerowhite2286 I started off as a Londoner, now live in Canada. First time I saw one was in a roof garden in Toronto.. I heard it first..the speed of the wings produces a loud buzzing sound. At first I thought it was a big bumble bee. They truly are magical.. Mrs. Hummer makes her nest the size of half a walnut shell where she lays her eggs the size of peas. They just reached Cape Breton about 3 weeks ago and will stay till early September, when we are all sad to see them go. I’m sure there are vids on youtube from wildlife enthusiasts so that you can watch the whole nest-building, egg laying, hatching, feeding, fledging process, with hummers and many other bird species like Bald eagles.

    1. I though it Strange that He Thought it was a Cat. Maybe he was never taught the difference?? Even up here in Ontario we see possums from time to time.

    2. @@andynieuwenhuis7833 Never saw one not in a photo. Still easy to make the difference. I don’t think that we have them here in Québec. But, who know, with the climate changes, they may migrate here, just like the coyotes and wild turkeys.

  3. Cats aren’t loners, obviously. 🙂 3:12 “Nice view you’ve got here. Must have cost a mint”….

  4. “Sploot”, such a descriptive word. I am going to use it. (Fox in Scottish Garden). Love it!

  5. 4:15 Nope, that’s an altered photo. 4:55 I don’t think so. 6:15 Someone failed kindergarten. 6:23 I’ve seen all kinds of captions under this one. 8:23 Where are there train tracks so close to the sea to be accessible to sea creatures? No, really, I want to know. Edit: Which fake photos did I miss?

  6. It looks like the person feeding the stray cat and the hedgehog left out milk for them. Please don’t feed cats and hedgehogs milk, because it gives them diarrhea. Cat food and water is all they need. You wouldn’t want to accidentally kill a hedgehog, do you.

    1. I agree about the hedgehog, but ages ago I checked with my vet who assured me that one can give milk to cats as long as they always get it. Once in a while is very bad for cats.

  7. While birdwatching a chickadee landed on my shoulder and just sat there chatting to me then flew away. It was a magical moment. ❤

  8. 9:58 That is a toad and an endlessly patient dog. It didnt just hop up there while the camera app happened to be open

  9. Elk on deck is definitely fake, the shadow and lighting doesn’t fit. My name is Bicycle Bob and I approved this message and the albino deer is real.

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