People Having A Worse Day Than You #5

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People Than You #5

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  2. Poor guy ,but How does anyone accidentally stab hi herself with a meat thermometer??Owww. Touching a hot Burner is horrible.😲I hope I will never get Hand and Mouth disease.😞😲 Moldy & spoiled food is gros and terrible.Darn mechanic .Poor Car Key.How does defrost in a car shatter /explode a car window??😲😲What happened to the dark oven??@2:35??That is sad and horrible.Poor sick kids in that city.😞😲😞Poor Grasshopper.Whose missing leg was in a Frozen Peas bag.Not the Kayak.

  3. The could retape the torn cash.🙂Oh no.Poor Dog. I hope he got that ball or another tennis ball later.I feel terrible for the guy who had Poison Ivy in one of his eyes.😞The Light house cookies might still tasted delicious.🙂😲😲:-D😛😀I don’t think any medicine cabinet should be above stovetops.What?The finger couldn’t be sewn back on??😞Poor spider.AAAWww.Ruger was a cute shark.OOooh,Malteasers.🙂😞

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