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Not Safe –

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Not Being Safe –

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  1. My partner used to work for a warehouse that had them up on an inventory picker without a harness. It was often really high up, I worried every day that he’d end up falling and breaking his neck. So glad he doesn’t work there anymore, there were other unsafe things they had him doing but the picker was the worst.

  2. I worked in a lab where the emergency eyewash drained onto the floor (no actual floor drain though) right above a power strip that was plugged in and sitting on the floor. At least you could actually use the eyewash though, there was a giant ultracentrifuge parked under the emergency shower.

  3. You have never known fear, until you filtered 15 gallons of fryer oil into a three gallon sauce pot, and had to walk a literal football field to the waste oil container…. In a rain storm!…. 👍

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