People Of Walmart You Won’t Believe Actually Exist – Part 2

Why are people who patronize so strange?
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You Won’t Believe Actually Exist – Part 2

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  1. And this is why my family nor I have set foot in a Walmart in over five years. We order online for pickup, which is much faster and easier, and you don’t have to deal with the freaks in the store.

  2. I love watching these Walmart vids. Of course, nowadays, I feel that most of these people come to Walmart in these bizaare outfits specifically hoping to get photographed. I mean, seriously, that old bearded guy with the tits and the skirt? Choices were definitely made.

    I gotta say though, those two teenagers having a photo-shoot with the Pringles? Now THAT is bumpkin. Who the hell flexes with local chips?

  3. 1:28 When you’re looking for a place to park and see that crap, don’t just bend over and take it. Stop and let most of the air out of their drivers side tires. They didn’t have any problem inconveniencing everyone else who needed to park, so return the favor and inconvenience them.

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