People Realized They’re Living With A ‘Monster’ And Just Had To Share The Evidence 2️⃣

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They’re With A ‘’ And Had To Share The Evidence 2️⃣

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  1. I wish I could post photos here….clothes thrown NEXT TO the hamper, throwing out my healthy homeade food to make room for frozen pies, saying he will do dishes then waking up to them still there and nastier than ever, hair all over the bathroom, not flushing, car trashed, etc. Oh, and constantly adding salt to my food on the stove without me knowing

  2. I have syringes in my house for giving my guinea pigs medicine but I keep those well out of my dog’s reach and those don’t have any needles attached. I can’t believe someone would gamble with a dog’s life like that!

  3. If some of these people lived alone, Darwin would have weeded them out long ago. I just wonder what’s in some people’s heads.

  4. These places are so full of inconvenient roommates, it makes me sick! When I get my own place, I’m living alone! Do you hear me? I’m living alone! I’m living alone! (Home Alone reference intended)

  5. For the person who’s cast iron frying pan was ruined by being soaked for three days: when I was younger my mom would take her cast iron pans to the beach once a year and clean them with beach sand then bring them home and re-season them. They are now eighty-some years old and I still use them….best frying pans I have ever used. Don’t get rid of the pans, get rid of the roomie!!!

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