People Share Iconic Stories Of Their Childhood That They’re Notorious For || Funny Daily

People Share Iconic Stories Of Their Youth That They're Notorious For|| Amusing Daily
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People Share Iconic Stories Of Their That They’re Notorious For || Funny Daily

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  1. First one is so sad 😢 I wish racism wasn’t a thing. Also 7:14 reminds me, once when I was eight I was cutting something (I don’t remember what, maybe cheese or apples) and I cut my finger. I told my mother that it was a paper cut 😂 Thankfully I didn’t need stitches but I did tell her a few years later that it was a knife cut.

    1. In the late 1950s in California, my parents square danced and had a couple of friends (also square dancers) who were black – they had to ring up other clubs in advance to make sure it was OK for a black couple to come to dances.

  2. (0:33) The biggest problem with racism isn’t the racists, it’s the 95.23% (yeah, I did the Math) who say they aren’t, but tolerate it!

    1. Some of them are pretty credible. Like the first one, sadly. Others sound like family stories that get exaggerated and distorted over the years of telling and re-telling. Most parents have a large bank of “funny stories about my child(ren) when they were little” that are like that. They may not be very accurate, but they’re fun to tell and hear and generally part of a family’s sense of their history and self-identity.

  3. I got lost in Sears back in the 1960’s and they took me to an office and gave me a badge and I drew for an hour till they realized I was gone mom thought I was with dad , dad thought I was with Mom. When they found me the store gave me two dollars as my first paycheck lol.

  4. At 1:22 teacher saw your talent and ripped up your picture as an incentive to draw according to your potential. Looks like it worked.

  5. I know it’s probably royalty-free, but choosing Christmas music for non-Christmas videos is just weird.

  6. 1972 we all played together in Iowa, black, hispanic, italian, white and jewish so, ya

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