People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You 2

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Who Are A Worse Day Than You 2

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  1. Apparently, Rudy and Wendy didn’t last too long. Wonder how much more of their stuff ended up there.

  2. I’ve seen so many foggy Grand Canyon pics that people drove hours to see. Does anyone check the weather conditions before making that trip? That would probably be the first thing you should do.

  3. Good thing you put an arrow pointing at the rip in the pants. People purposely buy already ripped pants, so who would know if that was the case there 🤷‍♂️

  4. rooted through the garbage and put together the same one as last week. you even gonna try anymore? or is crappy old content just as good ?

  5. Why are Teslas not allowed into Charging stations??😲Why did he have a teardrop tattoo?? I would explain what the teardrop means to him.I have never stubbed my toe.😀What?EEEWW why did any one send a urine filled bottle by Amazon to anyone??Or put in a box?😲Poor Dog.😞And cats.😞😞

  6. I have put large patches on the inside of tires with holes other than the tread. 5:15 Even on the sidewall, which is supposedly a big no no. It held for years.

  7. The tow bar and the garage is an easy one.

    1) pull the door release cord so you don’t mess up the engine. It releases any tension that’s on it from the first time you tried to open the door.

    2) start the car and inch forward just an inch, maybe two .

    3) press the remote to open the door.

    What happened when you parked your car last time was taking your foot off the break the car rolled back those few inches.
    You now have to move forward.

    The chicken gravy, those handles come off, slide it up and take the frozen gravy out, replace the handle.

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