People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

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People Who Are A Worse Than

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  1. 1:08. Not an electrician, and certainly not a US electrician, but I assume you can isolate the plug circuit (breaker/fuse) then pull the pin out with pliers, insulated to be on the safe side.
    11:23.. It wasn’t Upton Park by any chance? I went for a company do there a few years ago, and it was sh*t then…….
    12:17. Half-assed? That wasn’t even quarter-assed! Barely an eighth-assed….

  2. Wow guys! Hope it got better! Shows it can always be worse! Feeling your pain! Sorry about your pet’s passing!

  3. Cats peeing by your door? Put UNWASHED (the oilier, the better) human hair clippings under a doormat. (I get mine for free at the barber.) Rug Doctor Odor Remover (has enzymes and kills the smell so thoroughly my dog would never repeat). There’s also denatured wolf urine on the market. Those should dissuade kitty kitty!

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