People With Disabilities Perfectly Executed Their Halloween Costumes

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  1. BTW at the end of you videos you have the same song playing, but it loops and idk why you did that, but it made me think it was like a stock little loop that you found years ago but I eventually found it. But idk if you know but I don’t think alan walker copyrighted that song since it was not that popular, even if it’s not I would Want you to still make it loop bc it brings serious nostalgia that I’m very thankful for. Just so you know I made 2 videos on you and your intro backstory if that’s really ok with you but thx so much anyway for choosing alans wonderful Masterpiece of a song!! BTW I already had this pre copyed to my clipboard so I could just paste it is your comments

  2. Such creativity and talent for all of these. Took trying events and made the most of them. The sense of humor they have is amazing!

  3. God bless all these families for their extraordinarily creative efforts in helping to make amazing costumes to allow their differently abled children to celebrate Halloween!

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