Photos Of People Trying To Get Through The Summer Heatwave

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    1. no, it’s called climate change. The post where the guy shows the tag melting off his 20 YEAR OLD CAR. yeah. in 20 years it hasnt been this hot once

    2. @C S no its not. Most of these are photoshopped. Here in the USA, it’s a mild summer. These heat waves aren’t uncommon.

  1. In one photo (4:31) the red object that melted was called a license plate frame and was supposedly in Las Vegas, in a later copy of the same photo (7:18) it was called an air freshener and was supposedly in Australia. How many more of the captions are lies?

    1. looks like the channel recycled content to add to it, which is not cool, however how does that change the fact that the items melted in the heat? it doesnt.

  2. In most places it’s considered scorching-hot as it approaches 40 degrees Celsius!
    In Australia, it’s scorching-hot as it hits 48 degrees Celsius!

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