Photos That Prove Canada Is Different From The Rest Of The World

Photos That Prove Canada Is Different From The Rest Of The World

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Photos That Prove Canada Is Different From The Rest Of The World

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  1. Canadian fact : In the province of Québec, when giving to charity, most peoples, think over 80%, decline the receipt.
    Garter snakes, also called garden snakes, are totally harmless : NO venom and eat mostly insects and the occasional unlucky baby mouse.

  2. Love the wonderful photos! I have seen bobcats, coyotes and deer wandering through my neighbourhood in the suburbs of Calgary Alberta Canada. 🇨🇦 Canada is an amazing and beautiful country. Please come visit this great country. ❤❤❤

  3. As a Canadian 🇨🇦, I can say these are all true! (If you ever visit, do not mock the geese, you will get hurt!)

  4. The bear crossing the road in Banff is unlikely to be a brown bear. Brown bears are found in Alaska in the coastal regions. Inland bears like this one are usually grizzlies. 🇨🇦

    1. Though a lot of people do call Grizzlies Brown Bears. So when someone says ‘Brown Bear’ they could either mean a Grizzly, or an American Black Bear, that happens to be brown. [Because ironically, Black Bears come in just about any natural color.]

      However, Grizzlies in the coastal region are a LOT bigger because of the salmon runs, than their inland counterpart.

      Also fun when you throw ‘Kodiak Bear’ in the mix. In fact, a Kodiak Brown Bear is a subspecies of Grizzly Bear, and may be the species you’re referring to as its also called the Alaskan Brown Bear.

      We do not always have the best naming system. XD

    1. It’s easier to keep warm in a cold climate, than to keep cool in a hot climate. (That’s why igloos were invented)

  5. I think I would really like to live in Canada ( uk resident) all that snow, bears and moose, what could be better ❤

    1. Don’t pick the biggest cities then! Sadly they are more American. Choose the smaller cities where Canada still shines!

  6. As an immigrant to Canada, I love this video. Yes, it is all true. In our neigbourhood parks in Toronto, children leave their toys for others to play with. If we have good items that we no longer need, we leave them on the sidewalk so others may enjoy them.

    We say please and thank you and greet our neighbours. More than half of our population was born in another country. BTW: we are not overwhelming white. but that really has nothing to do with the fact that people of any race, creed or colour simply need to be respected.

    I’m sure in other places this may also be true. If it is not true, think of Toronto.

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