Pics That Make You Feel Old

That Make Feel Old

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That Make You Feel Old

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  2. The MickeyD’s menu from when they made a few things only, and made them well. Almost 60? I’m almost 70 and remember all but a couple of these. My aunt had the huge stereo with a tv because they were “rich”.

    1. Hi Snoozerpoo! Those fries were the best. Hot, greasy and salty. We would stop on our way home from school just to get a bag for a dime. Now they are tough and cold🥴🥴😂😂

  3. I remember I remember all of them. My mom had the small salad bowls and tongs also hahaha

  4. I remember a lot of this stuff. I drooled over a lot of these treats, but my dad would never buy them. And Christmas was a nope, my family was Jehovah’s Witnesses.
    Today, even as I get older, I relish celebrating birthdays and holidays.
    6:23 Liver and onions were a staple in my household, today I’m glad I don’t have to eat the stuff. In fact my dad was very adventurous when it came to food. I remember mom cooking pigs feet and hominy. I got into trouble because I wouldn’t eat it, and my parents got food poisoning. LOL.

  5. Hi Ya’ll! Laura the Boomer here. Thank you BossDT for the trip back in time. I’m 75 and remember all of these things. But the one thing I liked the most was the stereo. I would love to have one. It wasn’t just the fact that records sounded great, it was a beautiful piece of furniture. Some even had a little mini-bar on one end for glasses and liquor bottles. The other end held your record albums. All of the items mentioned here might come back if people really missed them. Except for the candy cigarettes🥵🥵What was old yesterday, is new today. Thanks again Boss and ya’ll be safe and be well!🥰🥰

    1. I always mute these types of videos because most of the time their music is so annoying. Also, I will speed up or slow down the playback speed as needed.

  6. All of them. And seeing Alice Cooper on the muppets is why I love rock and roll 😍

  7. Oh, yes! When I was born, Truman was still President for a couple more years, so I do remember. Seeing some of the pictures made me smile and think of a thing or two…

  8. 😢😭
    I remember every one of these except: 1:20 Heck, I have no idea what it is. Maybe I’m not really old as dirt, nah.
    6:35 SOS: 💩On A Shingle – We ate a lot of this because Buddig’s tissue thin sliced beef lunch meats were the cheapest meats in the store. SOS was one of my favorite meals as a kid.

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