Pics That Make You Suffer

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  1. 2:13 wdym weird? Its a beard with a creative design and probably hours of work. Doesn’t belong in this video

  2. I had hundreds of daddy long legs fall over over my head and body. Mi had a blanket that I draped over a railing outside. I forgot about it for a couple of days and went to shake it out and hundreds of those things rained down on me.

    When I was 10 I was playing hide and seek and hide in a pile of tubing that goes underground. It was piled about 6 ft tall. I climbed down and at the bottom was a hornets nest. I couldn’t get out and was stung 27 times. I had to ride my bike home and was promptly thrown into a bath. 9 or more hornets were floating in the tub.

    A couple years ago I walked into a spider web and it was as big as I am and thousands of tiny red baby spiders covered me. I stripped down to my bra and underwear and doused myself with the hose.

    My daughter’s gerbil escaped two weeks later something crawled into my bed and bite me on the boob, while I slept. I flung it across the room before I knew what it was.

    The list can go on and on. My family thinks it is funny how bugs and creepy crawlies find me and torment me. I am the joke of the house if there is any bug that shows up. 🤣.

    1. Reminds me to check my husband’s grungy toothbrush and maybe replace it for him, as I have done for almost 15 years because he is a 55 year-old man with a 13 year-old’s brain and hygiene level sometimes.

  3. The person with the wart should try tea tree oil, and the person with athlete’s foot should try apple cider vinegar foot baths with Epsom salts. Both should take olive leaf extract.

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