Pictures That Show How People Got Completely Ripped Off

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That How People Got

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  1. Here’s an idea as a customer…1. STOP using these services that bring food to you 2. while dining in an establishment…send it back and demand a full refund and then leave and tell friends …co workers about awful experience and dont forget to call their Corporate Headquarters and lodge a formal complaint. 3. Always remember….you are the customer and if they dont have you they dont have a business any longer. Maybe one day ….human beings will get it right !

  2. You wouldn’t be a Karen/Darren for complaining. This isn’t a ripoff, it’s a straight “let’s just f*ck the customer.”

  3. That’s America… Come over to Poland and compare food quality and prices. Culture shock guaranteed.

    1. I’ve eaten in Poland and Ukraine and I will happily stick to US food. Got sick on food in Warsaw and Rzeszow for being undercooked at multiple places. Ukraine wasn’t much better with rotten food being all the places were being allowed since the military was taking all the good food for themselves.

  4. that Algonquin College one is true . many of the teachers write their own books and then use them as the curriculum text book so they get paid for each copy sold … and they put tests into the books so you have to buy them to get the tests to get graded on … an avg run of 500 books for a teacher cost the teacher 5 bucks the average cost the student pay for the book is 60bucks … the rest goes to the teacher and the bookstore on school … and half the time the teacher texts are full of errors …

    1. This is the kind of thing you need to ask about before signing up for a course. Most reputable training orgs will give all pricing up front.
      You are paying for the information inside the book, not how fancy the binding is.

  5. you are told as a child not to speak to strangers and not to get into their cars … yet you want us to call some stranger we cant charge in anyway to take us someplace or deliver us our food untouched or tampered with …. I was born at night .. not last night …

  6. My ex and I went to this pub once and got nachos figuring we could share, what we got was 6 dinky little chips served on a cutting board

  7. Delivery food. Tell the restaurant to staple the bag shut in multiple places so the delivery person can’t access the food

  8. 30% of uber eats, grub hub, door dash drivers admit to eating all the food they want. Yours! (unwashed hands)

    Another 30% say they’re tempted every time they drive because “your food smells so good!”

    Nope! For me it’s a driver employed by the restaurant or I pick it up.

  9. I paid $23, including tax and tip, for a stale Reuben sandwich and a small salad at Hillwood Estate restaurant in DC. Didn’t even get a drink!

    The prices are getting higher and the food is getting crummier. And even counter service thinks you’re going to give a tip now. I only tip waiters who actually wait on my table.

  10. :17>I had a similar experience at the JITB drive thru. Got my money back. 4:21> I wouldn’t pay it. I like the amount of the tip to b my idea. Have not had a dine in dinner since March of 20. When I used to buy tix for whatever events, there was usually a seating chart to view before purchase. It also helps if you’ve been to the venue before.

  11. I once purchased tickets to a Journey concert that were behind the stage and they turned out to be the cheapest as well as the best seats in the house.
    I also went to a Pink concert which were in the nose bleed seats and a complete ripoff. Although she did fly around which gave them a bit of value for that particular part of her act but I had left by then. I’m also pretty sure she wasn’t singing during the concert at all as she had delayed doing the show due to having problems with her voice at the time.

  12. Here’s a tip for not being ripped off again: Don’t go to a greasy spoon in a seedy part of a city. Stick to the spoons in a busy area with good reviews.

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