Posts About The ’80s You Have To Be Old Enough To Get || Funny Daily

Posts About The '80s You Need to Be Old Enough To Get|| Daily
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Posts About The ’80s You Have To Be Old Enough To Get || Funny Daily

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  1. @ 11:30 Eyup. This *was* what CGI looked like in the 1980’s and therefore, some random people claiming CGI was used to “fake” the moon landing in 1969 amounts to a *great big lie* – NOT a conspiracy theory.

  2. Like o my god, ❤❤I grew up in the 80’s, and I soo miss them!! You also forgot the phone on the wall and you could only go as far as the cord allowed!!

  3. I had a 73 cutlas and it had seats that were like a sofa . Velore galore ! Ash tray vinyl top , two tone paint . Port hole windows in the back and the stereo was worth more than the car so I had a slide out system and had to put the Club on when I parked.

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