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"Adolescence Hits" That Hit Near Home|| Amusing Daily
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That Hit Close To Home || Funny Daily

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  1. 2:42 ME! I don’t know what this has to do with puberty; this was never a problem for me until I became a senior citizen.

  2. 4:45 ??? My first thought was not having to press a key more than once to type a letter when sending a text… but what’s up there “translates” into JNJPG, so WTF???

  3. At least @t_sadiity is truthful. Women thank that Valentines Day is ONLY about women and buying gifts for women. Ummmmm… REALLY?? What do women do for men on VD??? Nothing – that costs money!

  4. 2:43– pee in the bed…..leave a bucket beside the bed. Think outside the box and find solutions.

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