Relatable Workplace Memes To Giggle At While You Take A Break From Your Responsibilities

To At While You Take A Break From Your Responsibilities
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To Giggle At While You Take A Break From Your Responsibilities

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  1. Me sitting at a truck stop refusing to chain up and go over that mountain pass. Talking to dispatch, offering to let him drive the truck and I follow him over the top (knowing I would abandon him physically just the way he is abandoning my emotionally) SO FAR, no dispatcher ever took me up on it, lol

  2. 2:23 In a lot of European countries we have a 36 hour work week, but you are allowed to work 40 hours a week, save that time and and have over 20 EXTRA free days a year !!

    1. Most people dont own a house or a car in europe, so keep on enjoying that short week, public transit and you small apartment with noisy neighbors

    2. @@HansZarkovPhDIn Italy most of the people I know own their houses. They also own their cars. And a working & efficient public transit is far better than your clogged roads at rush hours, so we use cars to enjoy the weekend around. Oh, and about the noisy neighbours: very old houses have thick walls, and new ones are mandatorily well insulated both thermally and acoustically. Only the apartments built from the ’60 to the early ’90s are noisy. We do live in actual houses, not wood-and-plaster sheds…

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