Scary Signs You Won’t Believe Exist!

Scary You Will Not Believe Exist!

Invite to our spine-chilling video where we explore a few of the most scary from around the globe. These are not just warnings; they are real-life horror stories that you wouldn't want to encounter. From spooky warnings in the wilderness to suspenseful notices in metropolitan locations, these indications will leave you on edge.

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You Won't Believe Exist!

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  1. 6:50 – most likely downstream from a dam. If the horn sounds, means they are releasing water out of the dam.

    1. Many places that are in predicted risk areas for tsunami use pylons with sirens that sound when a tsunami is heading towards land. These sirens and identical signs are common throughout Hawaii.

  2. They to put the ones that say “Turn around, don’t drown” because people will drive into three foot of water thinking they can make it.

  3. I really enjoyed these but they were hard to see on my phone I had to keep stretching them bigger and them smaller and bigger and smaller

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