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  1. 0:30. To what end?
    1:50. Pretty sure they are making little foxes…..
    6:25. No it wasn’t. Powerade is the same price plus tax.
    9:34. I have seen similar signs in the UK, what a horrible world we live in….
    9:44. Pretty sure bread will go mouldy whether we wash our hands or not…..

  2. That’s a coco de mer, not a double coconut. They’re a delicacy in the Seychelles, but harvesting them in the wild is strictly controlled. There is a legend that says the trees mate – the male palm walks to the female palm, and… well, you know what happens then

  3. The pickle ornament is for family Christmas celebrations. Whomever discovers the pickle hidden in the tree first gets a prize. Usually this is restricted to the kids in the family. You can buy them in different sizes so as the “finders” get older the smaller ornaments are harder to find.

  4. Maybe the “Batman” license plate isn’t what it appears to be. Maybe some “American Psycho” fan is really into Patrick Bateman!

  5. I love the Camo dog.🙂The 1970’s modern home is so outstanding.🙂:-DWow!! I love it.😀I like Stranger Things.Cute Tire Cover.😀

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