Shameless Rip Offs Of Famous Brands, Here Are Of The Worst Offenders

Outrageous Rip Offs Of Famous Brands, Here Are Of The Worst Wrongdoers
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, Here Are Of The Worst Offenders

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  1. The “tenis perrones” must have been taken in Mexico, cause here some use perron as slang for f…… awesome.

  2. My father in law once bought a “seiko “ watch from a guy on the street. Upon closer look it said Seiqu .

  3. I haven’t really seen much stuff like this in Australia but it doesn’t mean it’s not out there. But I do remember going to Bali on holiday in 1985 and bringing back so many music cassettes of bands that were pirated. They were so cheap but sometimes the quality was lacking 😂, saved me a fortune though. I only ever did it once, I felt so guilty.

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