Shocking Discoveries: Unbelievable Moments That’ll Leave You Saying W*F!

: Astounding Minutes That'll Leave You Stating W * F!

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: That'll Leave You Saying W*F!

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  1. 2:08: da kannst mit deinem Gebrunz dein Gescheiß abpissen und wegspülen und brauchst kein Wasser zum spülen. Ökologisch wertvoll!

  2. 1:58. In fairness, there’s nothing he can do about it, and he’s in no immediate danger, might as well get on with his game…
    2:19. WTAF? Did he just vomit on it and leave it?
    2:51. My guess would be a spider web that got damp and froze.

  3. 2:54 I often find these as I have cats. Cats don’t eat the gizzard of a rodent as they have strong acid in. It’s a part of the stomach.

  4. The one with the motorcycle is a stunt show that has been around since the 1920s at least. I remember seeing this as a child at the Minnesota state fair. I’m 78. It was billed as the ‘cyclone of death’.

  5. 1:19 – Apparently she saw “Final Destination 2” and knew to duck. Seriously, however, that was probably a split second between “An interesting story to tell people for the rest of my life” and a closed casket funeral.

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