Some Things Only Exist Because People Are Dumb, Here Are Of The Most Accurate Examples

Some Things Only Exist Due To The Fact That Individuals Are Dumb, Here Are Of The Most Accurate
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  1. You missed big time on this. It’s offensive, NOT funny. Sure, warning labels are ridiculous anymore because of stupid people. But name-calling crosses the line. “Panic buying” was a idiotic example. Many people live in rural areas (like us) so grocery shopping is usually a once-a-month trip. We’re dumb in not wasting gas and time with frivolous shopping trips? How is measles “dumb”? How is penicillin dumb? How is religion dumb? How is a crowd of people dumb? Unsubscribed.

    1. Buying a month’s worth of groceries is not “panic buying.” Panic buying is buying a year’s worth of things like toilet paper.

    2. The truth is that penicillin exists because people are dumb. However, it points out that sometimes being stupid results in something good.

    3. @@laurendoe168 The truth is Dr. Fleming was a bacteriologist who’d been exploring why various molds seemed to inhibit some bacteria growth. The specifics of WHY he left that petri dish out while on a week’s holiday aren’t known. Is being disorganized dumb? Then for God’s sake don’t ever look at photos of Einstein’s desk.

  2. The main reason for those stupid warnings is that people (Americans?) DO these idiot things and then sue the manufacturer for not warning them… Sad.

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