Soul-Healing Rescue Pet Pics To Make You Smile

Soul-Healing Rescue Pet To Make

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Soul-Healing Rescue Pet To Make

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  1. Love 💕 these babies! I had a three legged cat once! A complete joy! His name was Duke. Wonderful tuxedo cat. Unless you looked at him,you would never know he was minus a hind leg! Fast as lightening!

  2. ❤️❤️❤️ So many adorable fur babies!! I wish my cat would let me get another, but he’s very territorial when it comes to other animals.

  3. Tonalli is a feminine and masculine personal name of Nahuatl origin, whose meaning is “heat of the sun, day, destiny”.

  4. They’re all beautiful but people who adopt an old animal – just wonderful. I got an 11 year old and had him for a couple of days. I was walking down to my cousins for a Xmas meal and someone’s dad csme out of their shack and I explained he was mine now. He said “ oh, dear old boy, worked hard all his life and now he’s here with grandma for his retirement’ ( I must be old, I was t even mum). Didmt have the heart to tell him that he’d never seen a sheep in his life! He was an old farmer, if that made him happy, that was it. I’ve always thought the story cute. Tell you something else, he may have been v.ind and deaf in the end but he could smell a bbq within a 10 mile radius!!!!!! Everyone knew him 😂😂😂

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