That Some People Live With Absolute Monsters

That Some Live With Monsters

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That Some Live With Monsters

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  1. Lol… I love the one about opening the cardboard drink on the corner… That’s the old way of doing it 😂… The very handy screw off top is right there 😄😅

  2. 1:01 As a huge Coca-Cola fan, that really pisses me off😤 Also at 10:32 I do the dishes at home every evening, and my dad does that too, which also pisses me off

  3. i surrendered the master bathroom to the wife.i use the main and she is forever banned from entering it. it’s either that or divorce.

  4. Only @:20 and I’m already wondering who I’m more annoyed with, the husband for doing this, or the spouse for not moving him into the backyard until he’s house-broke!

  5. Some of these people are potential serial killers. Not joking. Read up and see about their earlier behavior and tracks

  6. Really maddening…the worst thing I have dealt with was borrowing a pen to a classmate and when I got it back it was heavily chewed on. And I was annoyed when my husband placed a breakfast plate back in the cupboard with the crumbs still on it. But the examples in this video are much worse!

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