The Funniest Car Stickers That Make You Look Twice

The That Make Look

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The That Make You Look

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    1. I have yet to find this type of video with enjoyable music so I always mute. If the video is too slow or too fast, I adjust the playback speed. Give it a try; you’ll be glad you did.

  1. 13:37 Too bad, he only hit that 4 times and ended up with 8 kids. Once the triplets got pushed out I wouldn’t have gone past 1. 🤣

  2. The “baby on board” sticker came about in the 80’s because of fatal traffic accidents on the Autobahn in Germany. The signs are on the car to alert responding personnel that there is a baby in the car when looking for survivors.

  3. Fave bumper sticker of all time “ my mom is the travel agent of guilt trips” …yeah mom loved it too!!

  4. The best car bumper sticker I saw said…”keep your distance, something might fall off”

  5. My old “clown” car sticker said “Don’t Laugh – It’s Paid For!” Sobering….

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