The Most Annoying Things Ever

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  1. My boss once said the company should fire all the stupid people they hired got mad when my co-worker said then there wouldn’t be any management left I nearly died laughing

  2. Only one of the pictures starts with an E.Lifting weights is exercise.I’m glad the spider’s alive.🙂😲Poor chair.😞😲Who stapled a card??What? Pizza Boxes can’t be recycled? It’s cardboard.No.The poor cat and his ear.People don’t need that many Gummy Bears.😲I like the toy horse and carriage. Laughing in anynones face is so rude.

  3. Wife/Husband ✴✴✴✴✴
    Girlfriend/boyfriend ✴✴✴✴
    Car drivers ✴✴✴
    Roommates ✴✴

  4. 2:25 bro you gotta stab the foot w/ a plastic fork, elbow it, bite it or sum. if they have the audacity, so should you. walmart behavior.

  5. 6:50. This is why we learn to count to more than 12, so we can read 24hr time which, despite protestations by many in America is NOT “military” time, it’s just “time”….
    9:05. If you’re giving them money anyway, you might as well get some popcorn and a useful tin as well….

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