The Most ANNOYING Things In The WORLD 😠

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The Most In The WORLD 😠

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  1. Long time specs wearer here, lost arm screws can be temporarily replaced with a paper clip, if you work it all the way to the curved part it is quite secure and you don’t need to cut it.

  2. It shouldn’t cost money for the glasses to be repaired if it’s just a missing screw or bent out if shape.. especially if you bought them at that store.

    1. Once a screw fell out of my glasses at a shopping mall, I spotted an optometrist’s store front and went in to see if I could buy a new screw. The woman at the front desk took my glasses into the back and inserted a new screw, tightened the other screw, aligned the slight bend in the frame, and cleaned them. When I asked how much, she smiled and said they were in the business of helping people see and this was on the house. If I wasn’t from out of state, I would have switched to them for my eye care.

    2. @Bren honestly I thought this was going to be about something else.. Like the bro we n dong I keep trolling this one channel about. One sec it’s hilarious lol you’ll see why

  3. 2:49 I actually wouldn’t mind that happening to me. I’d still we eat it even without the wafer🤷🏼‍♀️ But 5:27 pisses me off! My boyfriend works at Fred Meyers and has to deal with that EVERY. SINGLE. WORKDAY!

  4. The most annoying thing is the speed of this whole video. Slow down, I feel like I’m in a speed reading contest.

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