The Most Annoying Things In The World 2️⃣

One Of The Most Frustrating In The World 2.

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The Most In The World 2️⃣

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  1. suggestion! You know the yellow flower intro you had like 3 to 4 years ago? Well I really like the short 5 seconds that it played. I had this thing that I used to say, BossDT’s Intro Song. I know what the song is now because I was watching an alan walker Playlist and routine played. And If you are really reading this, than can you plz plz tell me where you got it and if you made it somehow if you can or want to send plz plz plz do and I will be happy to give you 100% credit. Thx 4 reading if you did 😊

  2. That 1 blueberry in the muffin reminded me of the scene in the movie Casino when the Rob DeNiro character demanded an equal amount per muffin, classic!

  3. :-OThe one thing on the tray at a soccer qame is moldy.😲Bad cat. What is the cat maybe chewing ??Maybe the N stands for new chick.🙂”Please melt the cheese and Cook + season meat and put slices or ground beef on it.Thanks.:”Those poor dogs who were shot with BB Guns.The muffin is still good.I thought Eggs were kind of allowed to be thrown at houses on Halloween night. Months or one month is way to long.😲How horrible.Oreos in water??No.

  4. Someone misspelled Clock on that Microwave.😀😀😀🙂Who would even put Nutella inside a Charger cable.???😲>:-( >:-( The cheese is not even Mazerrella.I would have done those dishes.I don’t know what to say about the bad parking.The table doesn’t look too bad.

  5. Looking at that school schedule, lunch at 10:30? And with just 4 minutes between classes there’s not much chance for a potty break if there’s a line waiting. I’m glad I taught in small schools where this kind of schedule was unnecessary.

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