The Most Wholesome Rescue Pet – Part 2

The Most Family Pet

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The Most Pet – Part 2

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  1. I have my two! My kitty’s mom was a stray a friend of a friend took in. They kept three kittens and mom, and I took the fourth kitten.
    As for my dog, well…. she was begging outside a bar. A waitress took her in but had overheard me talking about my search for a new service dog. I was cornered and told she had a dog for me. I didn’t think Lilypad would work out but she’s almost finished with training as a deaf guide dog! I’m glad. She also recently began canicross with me since she’s old enough and she loves it. My beloved first guide dog did canicross with me and I never imagined having another that did both.

  2. It’s great that all these fur babies got adopted but I wonder will all of them be spayed and/or neutered? It would be the best thing that these humans can do for them.

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