The People’s Path: City Planners Failed To Understand

he Individuals's Course: City Planners Stopped Working To Understand

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The People's Path: City Planners Failed To Understand

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  1. I think public buildings (such as university campuses) should not put down sidewalks until the traffic patterns have been established, then pave all the desire paths.

    1. I read long ago about a new building that only put grass down and let the paths determine where the sidewalk should go. I felt that that was a great idea, before they put down concrete nobody would use.

  2. The University of Toledo (Ohio) used to have a parking lot in the center of the campus. For their Centennial, they converted it into green space. That winter before the anniversary, when the lot was closed but before it was removed, they waited for a snowfall – and took photos of all the desire paths between buildings. Those photos were used to position the sidewalks between the buildings.

  3. I am reminded of the story of when Eisenhower was in charge of a university campus and several short cuts were evident through the grass lawns on the campus.
    The groundsmen complained and wanted a keep off the grass rule rigourously enforced.
    Eisenhower told them to go with the general public consensus and pave the affected routes over to allow access on the lawns. A wise man.

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