The Weirdest Things Seen In DUBAI

The Things In

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The Things In

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  1. The Arabic nations have always been traditionally big in the falconry sector. I believe Falconry is from that area originally and is still considered a noble pursuit to this day. So the falconry birds do not surprise me at all.
    However. 8:54 has me jealous.
    Imagine calling the police and telling them your cat just ran away, maybe fifteen minutes ago, and having to tell them the search radius is almost 30km, and counting….

  2. It looks absolutely beautiful there, but I am so poor I bet I couldn’t even afford the air ☹️

  3. Dubai is a popular place for rich Russians who do not want (or dare) to stay in Russia any longer. In Dubai, their money is safe and cannot be confiscated by the Russian authorities.

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