The Worst Examples Of “Shrinkflation” – Part 3

The Worst Of "" – Part 3

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The Worst Of "" – Part 3

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  1. thats why its always a tad suss when a product disappears from the shelves….& it usually says “coming back soon with new look pack” that generally means smaller pack at more cost….always finds that funny

  2. If consumers stopped buying the products the company would either go out of business or return the items to the larger size. Plus all the fast food places that cut the size of their meals but raise the prices stop ordering takeout from then and cook at home.

  3. Every manufacturer, company and other businesses that continue this habit are going to find themselves in the gutter sooner than later. They are afraid to raise their prices and leave the product the same size cause they would lose sales. Well, what do they think they are doing by cutting the size and raising the price too. Sooner or later people are going to get fed up with these practices and just blow these companies off. When a company’s bottom line hits the bottom, it’ll be too late to reverse the damage that they done to themselves. Besides, we would all probably be better off with less junk food on the market.

    Also, shatcan Wall Street. If a company can’t make it on their own without using someone else’s money, it’s got a problem. Companies have to bow down to the shareholders when the shareholders want more return from their money invested. Who do you think actually pays those leeches called shareholders? We do of course. This is one of the reasons our costs keep going up. Who are these leeches? The very people that own most of everything of course. We get the dirty end of the stick as always.

    There is light at the end of the tunnel though, yes there is. When Jesus returns and brings in His Flock and God destroys and replaces the heaven and earth, we’ll be taken care of and will never be in the need for anything. What’s the cost? Repent your sins to God and receive Jesus as your Savior and follow the way of Jesus. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Live by the Ten Cammandments. What’s so hard with that?

    God bless all.

  4. 4:05 I’ve never been to Chipotle, but you can buy a burrito that size at Taco Bell for $2. Instead of complaining give your business to someone else.

  5. OMG, I have not heard this term “shrinkflation” I thought I was losing my mind, I bought a candy bar in the checkout aisle (I don’t do that much) and I was so confused, like why did these seem so much bigger when I was a kid??? Now I know they probably were after seeing that Snickers picture. Thank you for helping me know it isn’t me.

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