The Worst Examples Of “Shrinkflation”

The Worst Examples Of "".
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The Worst Examples Of “

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  1. This would be funny if it wasn’t so sad !! Someone stays up at night thinking this s*%t up ! And getting paid for it ! Sad that this is the norm for things now !

    1. Um it’s not thought up its what is happening now. Anybody that buys groceries knows this is our reality. What’s sad is you’re up mid day watching this when you should be at work probably.

    2. @Em Simmons What is really sad is that I worked for 56 years and was laid off due to covid.I would love to be at work!!!

  2. Every time a picture says 30%, 50%, 65% more you have to read what it’s compared to. There’s an asterisks next to it. (example at 5:20) 65% More*, at the bottom it says “65% more compared to Clorox 4ct refill pack.” It’s just a marketing technique because they know most people don’t read labels or fine print, but it’s still a true enough claim so you can’t sue them for false advertising.

    Even so, I’m pretty sure 10 is only 60% more than 4…cause, that’s how math works.

  3. The funny thing is if product manufacturers actually go back to honest packaging they would double their sales because no one else is doing it.

  4. Been noticing this for over 25 years.
    Remember the Totino’s pizza’s? Used to be round. Could barely fit it on a pizza tray. $0.75 each
    Around 1996, I noticed they fit in the pizza tray. About an inch smaller. Then, they kept getting smaller and smaller. Now, they’re rectangular and cost like $2, and fit in a small toaster oven. What a joke.

  5. 8:15 I’ve been seeing lots of the juice containers drop from 64 oz to 59 and even 51 oz now. Oatmilk cartons are at 51 oz.

  6. Morrisons tiger bread is half as thick as it was a year ago. Not worth buying. Shall start making my own again.

  7. I bought a new stick of my regular deodorant… it only lasted 3 week!! I used to buy only once a month but the price of $10 every 3 weeks is outrageous! And it’s not like I can stop buying it, I’m a sweaty person in this Texas heat!

  8. Seems like “Familys” gets smaller so the “Family Packs” became smaller, too…
    my Dad goes angry all the time when he see thishalf-empty” packs and he told that since years. In bottles its less, in packages is less and the stuff is reduced from 225 to 185 gram so you cant count the difference.
    In germany we have that law that shops must write the litre/kilogram price so its more easy to see whats the real price.
    But: In some cases its ok when same size is more expensive or a smaller on is same price than other. Icecream with strawberry is cheaper to produce than icecream with exotic nuts for example so the manufacturer cant make the same price.

    And once the coffe manufacturers tried to reduce the 500 grm pack to 400, but there was a big lament by the customers and after that they go back to 500 grms…

    And for to escape that betrayals: Just buy cheaper and not by the name you allways had bought. Ignore brands who use this tricks.

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