The Worst Pet Haircuts Ever

The Worst Pet Haircuts Ever

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The Worst Pet Haircuts Ever

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  1. If there’s one thing the YT channel Girl With the Dogs has taught me is that some dogs (those with double coats) should _never_ be shaved as it will damage the coat as it grows back in. The double coat also helps with temperature regulation, so shaving them will actually hamper that temperature regulation.

    That said, some of these are hilarious (and clearly done by pros). It’s only hair. It’ll grow back 😆

    1. Looking at some of these cuts made me think of Girl With the Dogs. Even the spiciest of dogs don’t deserve some of these cuts. Unless a cat is matted, or too old to groom itself, they should be left alone. They do just fine without a haircut. If they shed a ton a good brush should help.

  2. My brother and sister-in-law have a Border Collie and a Border-Queensland cross who both got their hair shaved for the summer. They look so weird without it!

  3. The good thing with bad haircuts (including ours) is that the hair grows back. But it can feel like a very long time.

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