These 100% REAL Photos Are SO WEIRD They’ll Creep You Out!

These 100% Are SO odd They'll Sneak You Out!

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These 100% Are SO They'll Creep You Out!

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  1. I love so many of these,the mannikin staring from your neighbor,the childs’ drawing staring into your soul,subscribed.The captions are so deadpan they make me laugh!

  2. The indoor pool reminded me of an episode of The Proper People, who are urban explorers. They went into an abandoned nuclear power plant. There was a flooded basement room they filmed from the entrance steps. The water went up to within a foot or two of the ceiling. That water was absolutely still and very, very dark.

  3. I am a little confuse about the chocolat ones. Are they real edible which reproduced wounds and body parts, or are they made of “mold” and just for the look, and make you die in an horrible manner if you think that it is edible ?

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