These People Experienced The Worst Luck Imaginable And Had No Choice But To Take A Pic | Funny Daily

These People Experienced The And Had No Choice But To Take A | Daily
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These People Experienced The And Had No Choice But To Take A Pic | Funny Daily

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    1. cheeky little fellow!
      Never seen a black squirrel before, but we don’t have squirrels in my country………! We do have muffins.

    2. Sister of that< picture....where are there black squirrels??? I'm in Tennessee, and ours are the usual grey.. except for one small town where they are solid white!?.... The black ones look as fluffy as a toy!😊

    3. I’ve never seen a black squirrel, either. (United States, Kansas). Although my neighborhood did have some pale, silvery gray squirrels about 8 years ago. They were very noticeable, and probably got killed by predators. Not a good mutation.

    4. @@Whammytap This particular verity is plentiful in Michigan, USA and Manitoba, Canada. Back in the 17th and 19th century black squirrel coats were very popular with the natives and settlers.

  1. That last example of having the worst day.
    Seriously, being left with some pretty stylish blond streaks, is worse than having a medical emergency?!

    1. He have one, but, he’s surrounded by metal. All that metal shield him from all cell towers in the area. So, NO SIGNAL.

  2. 8:12 Yes, actually. You’ll clog your vacuum and fill the bag instantly if you vacuum straight away. Sweep up the worst of it with a broom and dustpan, then get the remainders with the vacuum.

    1. Yeah, I was wondering how a branch through the neighbour’s roof ended up in her bed….

  3. The two concert ones. There would be no “asking nicely” about it, they would have been told to “put the f*cking thing down” and “sit the f*ck down” in no uncertain terms…

  4. 2:51 If you live in a building of this quality, you’d better move yesterday!!!
    Hard to believe there are houses like this!!
    4:08 Ditto

  5. I had bruising with a tooth extraction but was one of my top incisors. I ended up with a large dental bill and a black eye.

  6. The photo of the concert reminded of the only professional baseball game that I ever attended, two people attending the game who sat in the first row of the second tier had two large golf umbrellas all I saw the whole game was the outfield.

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