These Times Signs are Absolutely Hilarious – Part 3

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These Times are Absolutely Hilarious – Part 3

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  1. Number 23 is the place of an historical battlefield in the UK, usually civil war mid 17th century.

  2. Sorry folks but I’m so tired of Trump. I really don’t give a damn who’s right or wrong, just go away.

    1. @jmtimmons  just because you’re tired of hearing from someone does not make them wrong. I’m simply applying Rachel’s opinion to her self

    2. @OldJalopyPuller  Yo dude. Chill the hell out! I just agreed with Rachel. I never said anything about you being wrong. Read my comment again before you get so defensive. Jeez!

  3. 1:25 – This one is clever!
    1:30 – BAHAAHAHAH!!!
    2:17 – And Girl Scouts with thin mints. We’ll always accept them! 😀
    2:49 – Fencing class, this way? Pirates this way?
    2:57 – Put a hyphen in and it becomes T-Pump! Good name for a rapper?
    5:39 – That philosophy works for chocolate, too.
    7:30 – There was a very old Disney movie with that premise, except it was a dog, not a bird. Can’t remember the name of the movie, but the dog’s name was Boomerang, because he always came back.
    9:57 – I wonder how often it lines up like that?
    10:18 – It looks to me like he just found out why swimming here is forbidden, when something from underneath bit his leg off.

  4. The best sign i ever saw was in Japan. It was on a bar and it read in Japanese “17時~19時 コックテール 美人半額 – ブス無料” (17:00pm~19:00pm cocktails half price for beautiful women, free for ugly women).
    . I thought that was brilliant

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