Things Designed By People Who Don’t Have To Clean Them

Things By People Who Don't Need To Clean Them

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Things By People Who Don't Have To Clean Them

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  1. HGTV loves a grouted tile mosaic behind the kitchen stove. Fortunately, grouted tile counters are no longer a thing. Unless it’s periodically sealed, grout is hard to clean!

    I recently saw a video where a highly-respected builder carpeted his new ensuite bathroom. He insisted that it’s only used by him and his wife, and that he sits to pee. Maybe so, but I’d put up with a cold bathroom floor for my bare feet because sometimes in bathrooms accidents and spills happen.

    1. Did you report it to YouTube? If you report it, it disappears until a) the bastards send it again or b)YT looks at it & decides its appropriateness.

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