This Video Will Make You Feel Uncomfortable – Part 2

This Video Will Uneasy – Part 1:

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This Video Will You Feel – Part 2

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  1. 9:53 The entitlement of this lady! 😡
    Edit: 12:02 How rude of this Coca-Cola truck parking in all the handicap spots!
    Edit: 12:35 I’ve been on a plane before and I never left my trash where I was sitting when they came around with trash bags I would put all of my trash into the bag!

    1. Don’t be too hard on the self checkout lady.
      I have been to Home Depot where a worker walks me up to the register and starts checking me out like this.

      The workers mostly do it where they are bored or trying to avoid something.

  2. Some of these are just plain incompetence or aggravating bad luck, but several of these are people being the worst. Especially, 3:28, 9:53, 13:23, 16:15, and 16:34.

  3. @14:00 As one who majored in HR, (then called Personnel Administration) that question and “correct” answer are beyond bogus.

  4. 16:28 WOW! Such a beautiful gesture with a beautiful rose with baby’s breathe and she’s going to just throw it away. Yeah, she needs to be dumped.

  5. “What?! She opened my prized Fitty-signed bottle of booze?” (Enter Darth Vader yelling NoOoOoOo here.)

  6. The kids eat free cost is the California-will-suck-you-dry tax. Also, the dinosaur one is easy. The bottom right one identifies as baked potato.

  7. 11:25 🥺 poor puppies.

    Not only will the smoke harm them but if they get into the buts when they are older….😭

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