Thrift Store Hauls – What did you find today?

Shop Carries – What did you discover today?

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– What did you find today?

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  1. I found a Seiko watch from the early 1970s in a jar of buttons I paid $3 for at a St. Vincent de Paul store years ago, and when I had a new band put on it about ten years ago the watch person at the jewelry store couldn’t believe where I got it. He showed me some newer Seiko watches that were very similar that went for over $500 at the time. I also bought a practically new skillet at a yard sale for $3 that turned out to have a price on line of $99, so maybe I do find good things from time to time.

  2. I frequent charity stores here in France and the UK and some items I simply cannot fathom. Really interesting video – thanks for clarifying the true purpose of those items!

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